• Consult with project architect.
• Consult and advise individual contractors and others involved on construction details.
• Select and manage skilled artisans and craftspeople to execute our designs.

General Layout:

• General layout of all generic furnishings to be drawn to 1⁄4” scale.
• Design and provide detailed drawings to scale, for built-ins, cabinetry, and proposed changes to interior spaces.
(All changes to be discussed with project architect and builder.)

Kitchen Design:

• Detailed cabinetry drawings, including plan and all elevations.
• Review layout done by the architect or kitchen designer.
• Select cabinetry styles and finishes.

Plumbing & Fixture Selections:

• Specification and placement of bath tubs, toilets, sinks faucets, shower fixtures, and bathroom accessories such as towel bar and toilet paper holders. The builder to provide blocking in the necessary areas for the accessories attached to walls.
• A plumbing specification schedule will be created based on selections and distributed to the builder and architect for the purpose of ordering.

Tile / Marble / Granite Selections:

• Specifications of the tile and stone for baths, kitchens, fireplace surrounds, hearths, and bar areas as well as the treatment of finish on the stone and edge details.
• Tile layouts and elevations will be detailed with specific choices drawn to scale and distributed to the builder and architect.
• A Tile/Marble/Granite specifications schedule will be created based on choices and distributed to the builder and architect for the purpose of ordering.
• Shopping at stone yard to choose exact slab being used for counter-tops and fireplace surrounds.

Flooring Selections:

• Decisions on where, throughout the house, there will be tile, stone or wood.
• Layouts will be detailed and drawn to scale if intricate inlays come into play or if any other specific patterns need to be called out.

Hardware Selections:

• Specifications on what style, manufacturers, and finishes will be used for door knobs, cabinet pulls, hinges, etc. Information will be relayed to builder and architect for ordering purposes.

Appliance Selections:

• Assistance in choosing appliances for the kitchen, laundry, and bar.

Lighting Selections:

• Specifications of all decorative lighting fixtures such as sconces, chandeliers and pendants. As well as exterior lights that are attached to the house (any none decorative lighting will be specified by the architect or lighting designer.)

Furniture Selections:

• Presentation and selection of upholstery pieces and case goods (wood) for your approval based on floor plans.
• Pre-shopping for clients on the selections and best value on antiques. (Extending to the client any and all discounts I may receive.)

Fabric Selections:

• Presentation and selection of your color schemes and specific fabrics and trims throughout the house for your approval.

Window Treatments:

• Presentation of design(s) drawings based on your needs for approval. Fabrics, trim, and hardware to be presented for your approval.

Rug Selections:

• Selections of carpeting and area rugs throughout the house – presentation of any custom designs for specific areas for your approval.

Wall Treatment Selections:

• Paint selections, wall covering choices, upholstered walls, paneling, faux finishes, etc.
• A paint schedule will be created and distributed to the architect and builder.

Pricing & Payment:

• You will receive formal, written estimate before any merchandise is ordered or work begun. This proposal will specify all details of goods or work to be performed with costs itemized.
• A 75% deposit is required along with a signed copy of the accepted estimate, before any   merchandise is ordered.
• Acceptable forms of payment: Cash, Check. MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Ordering & Installations:

• Processing, expediting, and tracking all orders; scheduling and closely managing deliveries and installations (by bonded professionals).
• Supervise placement and accessorize to completion.


• We are constantly reviewing New York City trade resources, including design showrooms for fabric, carpet, wallpaper, and furniture.
For clients who wish for their project to be completely turnkey, we accessorize with their personal collections, hang artwork, provide all bed and bath linens, outfit the kitchen with cookware and dinnerware, and provide touches with plants and floral arrangements.